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World House of Lebanon is a Lebanese non-profit association, which aims to promote the spirit of cooperation and union among resident and non-resident Lebanese citizens, including emigrants of Lebanese descent. On one hand, the Association endeavors to encourage the participation of non-resident Lebanese citizens in Lebanon's political, economic, social, and cultural life, and on the other hand, encourage them to defend the Lebanese cause in their country of residence. The Association considering that non-resident Lebanese citizens - far from being a marginalized group in Lebanese society - constitute an added value to Lebanon and are an integral asset to both their homeland and country of residence on all fronts: economic, cultural, social, and political, Underlining that it is inconceivable to tackle the issue of non-resident Lebanese citizens by being satisfied with the fact that this group constitutes one of the main sources of Lebanon's economic development and that their numbers far exceed the Lebanese living on the Lebanese territory. Reaffirming that non-resident Lebanese citizens enjoy the same rights stipulated in the Lebanese Constitution-rights that must be defended through concrete action and not empty rhetoric-that asserts the right of non-resident Lebanese to partake in political life by electing MP's to Parliament just as resident Lebanese citizens do, Noting that the petition presented by non-resident Lebanese citizens to uphold their voting rights in the legislative elections constitute common ground for the various Lebanese political parties and currents. Therefore, the Association has drafted the petition attached to request of the Lebanese Constitutional Authorities to preserve, defend, and uphold the Constitution; enforce the Electoral Law No 25 [dated October 8, 2008], which grants non-resident Lebanese citizens the right to vote in parliamentary elections; promulgate the fundamental laws, allowing non-resident Lebanese citizens their right to vote while protecting them from probable pressures and allowing them to vote without fear of intimidation to which they may fall victim in the case where they decide to vote on the Lebanese territory. The Association is clear in its demands, which can be summarized as the fundamental obligation of allowing non-resident Lebanese citizens to vote in the upcoming legislative elections scheduled for 2013, notwithstanding the nature of the Electoral Law that may be adopted.

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